Three Christmas Songs to Suit Any Level – Piano-Guitar-Ukulele

That seems like a bit of a boast, doesn’t it! Three songs to suit players of any level on piano, guitar or ukulele… and I probably need to qualify this claim. Firstly, if you are playing guitar or ukulele, you’ll need to know either the first ten guitar chords (C, D, Dm, E, Em, F, […]

Tunes to Develop Left Hand on the Piano

For some reason, piano pupils tend to pick up reading the treble clef more quickly and easily than the bass clef. Actually, I suspect there are two reasons. Firstly, as children, when schools introduce us to the world of music notation, they go with instruments that use the treble clef – the recorder, for example, or […]

DIY Guitar Pedals

I spent this summer building a number of guitar effects pedals, both for my own education and for my pupils to get an idea of what various effects pedals do. It’s been great fun working with schematics and layouts shared on various internet sites – it’s also been frustrating at times trying to suss out […]